Design Studio

Our job is to
convert users of your product or
your website visitors to a
happy and loyal customers  

We do this by designing best in class
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
for your product, application, website and mobile

We also help you in upgrading your existing old website to new responsive website that works smoothly in dekstop or mobile, modernize your old application and make them work in mobile, create bilingual websites to generate new customers from Japan and several other services

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  • UX/UI Design and Development
  • Most of the web development companies, application and product development companies focus on creating a beautiful website, application or product. They fail to understand and recognize what the user wants. It is crucial to analyze what the user wants to experience with your product or services. We do User Experience (UX) analysis and then develop User Interface (UI) providing the best user experience to your users, ultimately converting them to a loyal and happy customers.

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  • Web Design and Development
  • We create beautiful and functional websites. We do this by understanding your business goals and your user expectations in doing UX analysis and then UI development. We develop simple websites to complex websites that have funtionality close to a desktop application. The websites we develop, works smoothly in desktop as well as mobile devices.

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  • Responsive Websites
  • Technology is advancing every day and new devices are coming into the market. Many users are using only mobile devices to browse websites. Hence it is crucial to capture the market of the mobile users by upgrading your old website to work smoothly in mobile devices. Check your website in a mobile device. If you find it difficult to read or requires resizing and panning to navigate, then it is time to talk to us.

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  • Create Bilingual Websites
  • This service is focused on Japanese business. Of course any non-English speaking region can make use of this service. Japan is seeing an increase in tourists and expats. Most of them are comfortable in seeing an English language website. It is a great opportunity to make new customers by creating a bilingual (Japanese + English) website. If you do not have an English language website or would like to improvise the English language site, contact us now.

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  • Web app / Mobile app dev
  • We are living in the era of mobile technology. We are using more of smart phones and tablets than desktop computers. To capture the market of these mobile users it is inevitable to convert your existing desktop PC based application to web application or mobile apps.

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  • Prototype development
  • Whether it is web development, application or product development, we can decide what works and what not at an early stage by doing prototyping of our ideas. Our prototype development helps you meet your business goals and user expectations by trying out various combinations of the user experience during this stage.

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