Our consultancy services are focused on Japanese business

We support Japanese companies to work with companies from foreign countries
With a particular focus on Japanese and Indian companies to work together

We do this by providing intercultural training on Japanese business practices, cross-cultural communications and an excellent consultation service for all your business needs

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  • Intercultural Training
  • We provide these services for Japanese companies, Indian companies and foreign companies in Japan.

    Working with Indians
    To work effectively with Indians, there is a need to understand Indian work culture. There is a rise in outsourcing to India mostly from North America and Europe. Now, Japan is also focusing on outsouring to India. Since Japan has recently started outsourcing there is a lot to learn and understand about Indian culture. We provide information, training and workshop to those new to working with Indians and to those who want to improve their relationship with Indians.

    Working with Japanese
    To work effectively with Japanese, there is need to understand Japanese language and work culture. While Indians are familiar in working with Americans and Europeans, they cannot consider to have similar work culture and collaboration with Japanese. There is language barrier and on top of that business culture and work etiquette is totally unique in Japan. We provide information, training and workshop to effectively work with Japanese. We also provide special training on efficient communication in Business Japanese.

    Proposal / Document Checking and Rewriting
    When there is difference in culture and work style, any communication we do has to be customized and rewritten to the target audience's culture and work style. For example, to work with Japanese, we do not mean a mere translation from the English document to Japanese document but rewrite the original English document in a way that fits Japanese work culture and targets your customers needs. We will work together to understand your customer and rewrite the proposal to a winning proposal.

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  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Our goal is to generate new customers to you and to keep the old customers happy and loyal. To do this we support you in creating the best user interface for your product and we train you to understand culture of other markets. We extend our services to bridge the gap between customer and vendor relationship particularly between Japanese and Indian companies. We provide an excellent consultation service for all your business needs.

    For example: We support Japanese companies in finding vendors in India namely to meet their IT needs, SW/HW development. There are Indian IT companies having a strength of 10 to 100,000 and more engineers. Depending on the needs of your business goals and IT needs we will work with your team to identify the best vendor for you. Your IT vendor search or the software development vendor search ends here. We will work the vendor relationship to ensure they become your best partner.

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